Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Teach Them to Serve {#1 ~ Treats for the Mailman}

Hello, hello!  I'm so excited to bring you a new series today!  We're talking about putting feet to our faith and doing stuff!  

James 1:22 tells us to not just read the Word, but do do what it says.  We're commanded to get out there and DO STUFF!!!  And it starts at home.  How are our little ones going to learn the joy of serving others in His name if they never see us doing it ourselves?  So... let's teach them to serve!

As a kick off to this project, we went with one of Little Man's biggest interests right now.  He is all about the mail system!  He was super excited to serve our mail carrier this week!  

At our weekly Trader Joe's run (seriously love that place), he picked out a few treats to put together.  He chose a specialty water, a chocolate bar and a protein bar.  I told him to write a note to the mail carrier to say thanks for delivering our mail every day.  Little Man took it so much further and my Mommy heart was just bursting!  "Dear Mailman, Thank you for bringing our mail.  Remember that you are special because God made you special."  LOVE it!  

And done!  We put it in the mailbox and Little Man couldn't help but run to the front window every few minutes to see if he was coming yet.  He eventually heard the mail truck, so I told him to run outside and hand him the treats personally.  He suddenly decided he was shy (ha!).  We did open the garage door and Little Man watched the mail carrier pull the treats out of the mailbox.  Our amazing mail carrier waved at him and shouted a "thanks!"  When we went to check the mail later, we found that he had actually written a personal note to thank him for the treats!  So sweet!

Since putting the treats in the mailbox, Little Man LOVES to go catch the mail truck outside.  It's sweet to see that they have their own little bond now.  I wasn't expecting that!  What a great way for Little Man to shine His light!

Teach them to serve with this fun series of 25 acts of kindness for the whole family!

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