Tuesday, February 23, 2016

10 Days in the Fruits of the Spirit {Day 9 & 10 ~ Gentleness & Self-Control}

So... it's been how long????  I'm so sorry.  God has definitely let me know that I am not holding up my end of the deal here!  So here are days 9 and 10!

Remember that we started each day with the picture book and video.


Over lunch, we talked about eggs.  Eggs have a hard shell with an ooey-gooey center!  If you squeeze the shell all around, it won't break.  Sometimes, though, something has cracked the shell.  Sometimes things crack our shells.  Words, unkind actions, arguments, discord.  When that happens, if someone squeezes, the shell breaks... on both the egg and a person!  

We must choose our words carefully and treat each other with gentleness.


In life, things happen all around us.  Often times, these things are out of our control.  Little Man got a big dose of this with some bubble fun!  First, I gave him a chance to play with the bubbles and get a little crazy.  He could try to blow them, catch them, pop them...  Then, he had to sit super still in a chair.  No matter what, he couldn't touch the bubbles... not even if one landed on his nose!  It was HARD! 

The good news is that God is always with us!  He can help us to be gentle and to use self- control.  

Want to catch up on the first posts?  Start here with Day 1!

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  1. Phew! I was just about to break out in a cold sweat as I prepared my last Fruit of the Spirit Lesson for tomorrow and didn't see this lesson right away. I've been using your guide in my PMO(parents morning out) class for our entire fruit of the spirit unit. Thank you so much for this, the kids love the lessons, HiHi the Bible guy, and they really respond to the short definition of each fruit of the spirit. I know how hard it can be to keep blogging with small Kid(s). I have big dreams too but just not enough time. Hang in there! www.itsthedramamama.com


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