Sunday, March 27, 2016

15 Fantastic Verses to Memorize as a Family {Matthew 28:6}

Oh, friends... Happy, happy Easter!!!  He is risen!

How did you spend your Easter today?  All week, Little Man and I have been digging into Holy Week.  I must say, it has brought a new level of emotion and appreciation to this Easter weekend.  As we went through an hour-by-hour timeline on Good Friday, I felt a sense of emotion that I've never felt before.  That will definitely be something we do every year from now on!  

Tonight, as our celebration comes to a close, I have one last treat for my boys... Resurrection Rolls!  We've never made them before, and I'm so excited to see their faces!

Here is a memory verse for you this week!  Click the picture to go to a Google Doc.  Just print and go!  I hope this verse reminds you daily that our Lord and Savior is alive in us!  Let His light shine!

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