Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Teach Them to Serve {#2 ~ Lemonade Stand for a Cause}

Good morning! I am seriously excited about this post.  Little Man just blew me away with his excitement for this project!  First, I should give you a little back story.  Our church partners with several compassion ministries.  Both the children's program and the women's ministry held collection drives for one of them.  Normally, I would just take the boys and we'd go fill up a shopping bag with whatever is needed.  This time, we did something a little different.  

Little Man wanted to bring in a few other people for this project.  He's had lemonade stands in the past, so he thought he'd try one again... a lemonade stand with a purpose!  Our neighborhood hosts a community garage sale about twice each year.  We planned to have our lemonade stand on the same day.  I posted about it in our neighborhood Facebook group and on my personal page.  I was OVERWHELMED with the generosity of our community!  

We originally thought it would just be a lemonade stand, and then possibly a bake sale.  The garage sale was so early in the day, we decided on a breakfast bar!  We had cinnamon rolls, donuts, fruit, and a few different drinks.  Even Baby Boy couldn't contain his excitement!  

Our neighborhood was seriously beyond generous!  Little Man loved going to pick out all the toiletries to donate to the collection.  He was so careful to make sure he had some for boys, some for girls, matching sets, yummy smells... love it!

On the day we took everything up to the church, Little Man wanted to take a picture to say THANK YOU to our friends and family who came to support him in this project!  Your donations helped supply City House with 75 new shampoos, conditioners, body washes, deodorants, and razors!  You are amazing!

Teach them to serve with this fun series of 25 acts of kindness for the whole family!

If you are in the Dallas area, please take a moment to stop by their website and consider helping this absolutely amazing organization!

City House is an organization that supports homeless children and teenagers.  It was founded by two local teachers who were stunned to realize some of their own students were living out of lockers.  Through the support of the community, it has grown and has been helping homeless teens for over 27 years!  Wow!

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