Friday, July 1, 2016

Teach Them to Serve {#8 ~ Popsicles at the Pool}

Happy Friday!  Yikes!  I'm a little late in posting today!  And since we're being honest... the title of this post doesn't exactly match the content.  Oops!

So here's the deal... the activity was SUPPOSED to be done with popsicles.  We had grand plans to go to the pool loaded with a box of popsicles and give them all out to kids before we starting swimming.  Well, it's summer and I'm finally getting around to some of those organizing projects I've been putting off all year.  As I was going through my office, I found a bag of sunglasses we bought for Little Man's birthday party last year.  Sunglasses... pool... decluttering... I'll take it!  

I forgot to take a picture of the bag before Little Man started passing them out.  We had a few left in the pool bag, so I asked the Mister to snap a quick picture.  They were just party favor sunglasses.  For his party, we popped out the lenses and used them as mad scientist glasses.  

Little Man gave them to other kids who were also at the pool.  They LOVED it!  

So... if you were to do this, or if we were to do it again, we could use popsicles.  Or those silly band rubber band bracelets, or stickers, or anything really... The idea was that I wanted him to do something kind for the other kids before jumping into the pool himself.  We will definitely do this again with popsicles... maybe at the park?  Popsicles at the park?  Sounds good to me!  :)

Headed to the pool this weekend?  Try this act of kindness to get your little ones thinking about others before hopping in for their own fun and games!

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