Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Moments ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

I am so excited to start this new series!  Every Monday, I'd love to start our week by praying over you and inviting you to share in a quiet moment before the craziness of the week takes over.  So here we go... Monday Moments!

We had some friends over the other night.  It was great.  We watched a movie and the kiddos played a multitude of games that only they understood.  We laughed.  We talked.  We ate.  We just enjoyed being around each other.  Then, it was time for everyone to leave.  That's when the meltdown started.  Little Man was yelling, crying, being a little more unkind than I generally like.  I'm pretty sure my own words weren't exactly the "law of kindness" that should have been on my lips.  

The next morning, I was doing my quiet time and going over my own memory verses.  That's when it hit me.  Was I choosing joy in that moment?  What example did I set?  It could have been such a great moment to offer grace, demonstrate patience, and model how to choose joy.  I didn't though.  I didn't choose grace, patience, or joy.  I pushed too hard and demanded too much.  I found myself demanding that he "change the attitude" without ever even considering that I should change mine too. 

Little Man and I have been working on our Fruits of the Spirit study all summer (and I can't wait to share it with you very soon!).  I so wish I would have taken this opportunity to model practicing my own fruits.   I thanked God for bringing it to my attention and prayed that I would extend grace and patience the next time.  

With all of that said, as moms and wives, we are given more than a few opportunities to practice choosing joy.  I challenge you to read over this verse daily.  May it be a reminder to all of us that we must rely on Him to fill us with the fruit of his love.  I pray it will be a verse that encourages you this week to fill our hearts and minds with His Word so that the negative emotions have no room to take hold.  

Father, I pray over every mother reading this today.  I pray that we will take hold of Your wonderful words.  May they take such a strong hold on us that we can't even begin to think of the negativity that attacks us.  This week, may we remember to rejoice in every moment You have given us.  May we turn to prayer in the midst of dirty diapers, piles of laundry, and screaming tantrums.  Lord, help us to turn these daily dealings into moments with You.  May we be thankful in every moment.  Let us remember to be thankful even when frustrations and emotions are running high.  Father, I pray that we will be women that choose joy daily and that the joy You provide will overflow into our families.  Thank you for Your wonderful work in our lives.  Amen.  

Share your stories with me!  Tell us about a moment that you could model choosing joy with your children.  Tell us about a time that turning to prayer was the only way to make it through a mommy moment. 

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  1. Being thankful is an on-going practice... and what a blessing. It an also be a way to step out of a bad attitude and start being cheerful again. It is a VERY important thing to remember and cultivate in our lives.

  2. Beautiful post. It's very humbling when the Lord uses our little ones to show us our weaknesses!
    Thanks for linking up with Grace & Truth this week! Hope to see you again! :)
    God bless,
    Jenn @ Busy Being Blessed


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