Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Moments ~ Jeremiah 29:11

I struggle with completely letting go.  I have a serious need to be the one in control.  The Husband took me on an absolutely wonderful getaway for my birthday this year.  He planned a great trip to LA so I could go see The Price is Right.  This is something that had been on my bucket list for the longest time.  However, I asked about a million and one questions making sure he had everything under control.  Are you sure these tickets will get us into the show?  Are you sure our flight lands before we have to be at the studio?  How long will we have to pick up the rental car?  How far away is it?  Did you take care of the hotel already?  Have you thought about how long we'll have after the taping to go to dinner?  I mean, the man finally looked and me and told me to just... stop.  He knew what he was doing and was determined to have everything under control so I could enjoy the trip.  He really is amazing and I didn't give him nearly enough credit.  

With that said, it's even more difficult to completely let go of my life.  My life.  The thought is slightly terrifying.  As I was doing my Quiet Time today though, it struck me.  Our God is just flat out amazing.  The way He knits things together to work things out for us is just incredible.  He is faithful and is the absolutely best at being in control.  We just have to let Him.  I mean, the number of times I'll look back through my prayer journal and find myself thinking, "I see what you did there, God."  The number of times I'm so glad that my plans fell through so that His could succeed.  The number of times I am blown away by the way He spends years building up and putting together aspects of my life and then I finally see the outcome.  Amazing.  Beautiful.  

Today I'm reflecting on some of those details that I didn't see at the time.  I'm reflecting on the way He took our family around curves and mountains and valleys and back roads and busy highways just to bring us to where we are now.  He had a plan.  He knew what He was doing.  Silly me questioned and doubted and didn't trust.  I struggled with giving up that control.  I'm pretty sure He reached down and just plucked those details out of my hands, tossed them aside and said, "I've got this one."  Today, I say "Here you go, Father.  It's all yours."  

Father, I'm giving you my life.  All of it.  I know I say it daily and I will keep saying every... single... day.  I ask for the courage and strength to let go.  God, I know that You have plans for us.  I know that Your plans are better than ours.  I know that Your plans will help us, not harm us.  I know Your plans will let us succeed and fly in ways we can't possibly imagine.  Forgive me for doubting.  May my first words every day be words thanks and words of submission to You.  My my final words of the day continue to be words of thanks and submission.  You are amazing, God.  Thank You for giving me a life to give back to You.  I pray I serve You well.  Amen.

I leave you with some questions and a favorite picture from our trip!  What part of your life do you still hold back?  How can you let go today and let God's plans take over?

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  1. Hi Courtney! I love the design of your blog! Well done!
    I love the way you write too. As a new blogger I think now it's hard for me to let go and let God and just trust that I am following Him and let Him do the rest. I'm balancing life better now and letting go of having to do everything. God is so patient and good. His plan is ALWAYS better than mine. Blessings to you!


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