Wednesday, June 15, 2016

10 Favorite Bibles for Children {What We're Reading Wednesday}

Can you believe June is already halfway over?!  Where does the time go?  We just finished our Bible study that we started for our second semester, so we wanted something a little lighter for the summer.  Little Man has taken quite an interest in some deeper theology, which thrills me to no end.  I'm looking around right now to figure out what we'll do for our fall semester, but in the meantime, I thought I'd share the Bibles we've used so far!

Mommy & Her Men's 10 favorite Bibles for children!  Perfect for babies, toddlers, and elementary kids!

This is the one Baby Boy and I are currently reading.  It's a board book, so it's great for letting him "read" while Little Man and I dig a little deeper into his study.  Baby Boy and I read one or two of the stories each day during breakfast.  

This one is just beautiful.  Several women in our Bible study group have commented that they have learned more while reading this to their children than they could have expected.  Seeing things from a child's eyes is definitely enlightening!

Baby Boy was given this Bible when he was born.  The stories are a little longer, so it's the next one we will go through daily during our Breakfast with the Bible.

This is Little Man's current Bible.  He received it in his Easter basket and to say that he was thrilled is an understatement.  I don't think he put it down for two weeks!  The photos of the Lego scenes are amazing and they really helped the stories stick in his mind!

We actually read this one in two separate books.  The Old Testament and the New Testament.  This one was great for just reading for fun and taking in the stories instead of in-depth study.

This was Little Man's first full Bible after the storybook Bibles.  I liked that it was a full NIV and his memory verses matched mine.  

Little Man and I are going through this one right now as our evening devotional.  I think I'm enjoying it just as much as he is!  The stories connect everything back to Jesus and I think it's 
changing the way that he prays each night.

We love all things Berenstain Bears!  After reading all the picture books, this makes a great Bible to connect our day-to-day lives to Scripture.

Our church uses this Bible in our children's programs.  There are actually two versions and you can get it in NIV or NIrV.

Little Man has been drawn to this one as well.  It's written just like a graphic novel, which he loves.  I love that it encourages him to just love spending time in the Word.

Mommy & Her Men's 10 favorite Bibles for children!  Perfect for babies, toddlers, and elementary kids!

What are your favorite Bibles for your kiddos?  Tell me in the comments!

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