Friday, June 24, 2016

Teach Them to Serve {#7 ~ Clean Up the Neighborhood}

Happy Friday!  Yesterday we actually finished our last project for this series.  I can't wait for you to see them!  

In our neighborhood, trash day is on Wednesday.  After the trucks come through the neighborhood, there is usually a bunch of trash that has flown out of the bins.  So, Little Man and I took the opportunity to get outside, get some sun, and serve our neighbors at the same time!  We grabbed the stroller, a scooter, and a trash bag and hit the road!

This project was super simple, but gave us a great chance to chat and get some exercise.  One thing we didn't take into consideration... the weather!  It was HOT!  We only made it through two streets before we were dripping!  We'll have to go back out next week and pick a time earlier in the day!

It did open up the chance for some discussion though.  Sometimes we serve to simply serve.  It's not always the most fun or perfect situation.  Sometimes we serve by doing the tasks that someone else doesn't want to do... like picking up trash in the heat.   

The weather encouraged us to quickly jump to our next act of kindness... one that was perfect for a hot, Texas summer day!  Make sure to stop by the blog next week to hear all about that one!

25 acts of service for the whole family!  Today's activity... cleaning up the neighborhood after trash day!

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