Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Icy Watermelon Storytime {Fine Motor, Sensory Fun and Biblical Extension}

Good morning, good morning!  During the summer, our Tuesdays are called "Time to Read Tuesday."  This summer, we're working through a Summer Reading Bingo card.  Tons of fun activities and silly places to read.  It also means that Mommy does a much deeper, intentional storytime.  We read aloud multiple times every day, but once per week, we pick out a super special book and really dig in.  

Storytime with fine motor practice, sensory fun and a Biblical extension!  Perfect for a summer storytime!

I'll be honest and say that this week's book was one I had not ever read previously.  In fact, it's one I probably would not have ever read if I hadn't been putting together a book list.  I'm so glad I did!  Icy Watermelon is a great story with so many great qualities!

First, the book is bilingual, which is just awesome.  We were able to read it in both English and Spanish.  Little Man especially loved that!  Second, it lends itself so well to a discussion about joy.  At one point, the grandfather poses a riddle.  "What's big and red like a watermelon and fills me with joy?"  A heart filled with love.

So... for some fine motor practice, we made torn paper watermelons!  Baby Boy is still a bit too young to quite understand tearing the paper, so I cut his.  He took the cut squares and arranged them (with a little help from Mommy).  

Such concentration!  After he filled the center, I had him fingerpaint around the edges to make the rind.  

I also made watermelon play dough this week.  For a super simple, no-cook recipe, I used this one!  She does a fun counting activity.  Baby Boy's not quite there yet.  Little Man could use it for some math facts practice!

I used her idea for the black bean "seeds" and the boys loved smooshing them into the dough!  As they were playing, I slowly made a heart.  I asked them what would fill our heart with joy.  I started adding a seed for each thing they said.  Family members, friends, church, Jesus.  As they kept naming things, I had them add their own seeds to the heart.  

I had a "moment" with this activity.  I originally set it up as just an invitation to play.  They were enjoying the sensory fun.  I was enjoying the quality time and discussion.  We had our memory verse.  We had the literacy extension.  We had an intentional moment.  I was going to leave it at that.  But that night, as I was praying with Little Man, he stopped and thanked God "for all those people that were seeds on my heart."  Wow.  Those people are seeds for him... and they are planting a love for our Lord each and every day.  

Storytime with fine motor practice, sensory fun and a Biblical extension!  Perfect for a summer storytime!

Have you subscribed yet?  We have a new book list coming tomorrow for What We're Reading Wednesday!  You don't want to miss it!

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