Friday, June 3, 2016

Teach Them to Serve {#4 ~ Praying for Others}

Hi friends!  Today I'm sharing one of my favorite "service" activities so far!  And it's one we'll continue from now on!  This week, I not only got to talk to my boys about being aware of the needs of others, but about actually praying over those needs.  

Teach them to serve!  25 acts of kindness for the whole family!  Today we're talking about intentionally praying for the needs of others!

It's confession time.  I thoroughly enjoyed this activity, but I completely forgot to take a picture!  Oops!  You'll have to use those visualizing skills today!

Little Man and I have been using the monthly planning packs from Multitaskin' Mom for the latter part of this school year.  Love them!  He's been using the prayer lists loosely, but this week we were able to be a little more intentional with them.  First, go grab your copy of the planning packs from Multitaskin' Mom!  She has TONS to choose from!  

Ok, so now that you have your own super cute planing pack, let's talk prayer for a minute.  Little Man has typically prayed for things like his toys, the dogs, our family members, sick people, etc.  These are all fantastic.  However, it's usually a matter of "Thank You for Charlie even though he steals Mommy's pillow at night."  (Charlie is the dog).  Do your little ones pray like this?

Well I wanted to take it slightly deeper.  Bring in the grandparents!  I arranged a Skype night and we called and chatted.  Little Man got to show them all the new fun things we found at the homeschool convention a few weeks ago.  Baby Boy got to show off his new tricks (that may have involved screaming at the top of his lungs).  I got to make some plans for our annual shrimp dinner.  Yippee!

Prayer.  I talked to Little Man before we called them about specifically asking them how he could pray for them.  He used his planning pack prayer list and diligently wrote down their requests.  Then, every day, he selected one to pray over while writing in his prayer journal.  He added a few other things as they popped up throughout the month.  

It's officially June now, so we're ready to start our June prayer list.  I'll have him call back and ask for an update on May's prayers and for new requests for this month.  I've loved watching him be intentional with his prayer!

How do you teach your little ones to pray?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

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