Wednesday, June 8, 2016

10 Favorite Picture Books About Watermelon {What We're Reading Wednesday}

Hey hey!  I hope you enjoyed yesterday's activities for last week's books.  We have a new list for you today!

10 precious picture books about watermelon!  Perfect for these hot summer days!

For me, June just screams watermelon!  I may have an entire Pinterest board about this sweet, juicy fruit.  So today, we're sharing ten picture books that all make me want ... watermelon!

I simply love the counting and healthy eating discussion in these fantastic photographs!

Uh oh!  Sue wasn't thrilled and it turned into a giant mess!

We've all heard it.  Don't swallow the watermelon seeds... or else.

Waiting is hard... especially when it's waiting for some juicy watermelon!

Wait... what?  Miss Jolly's neighbors quickly learn what REALLY makes her happy!

Here's another delightful counting book!  The children's reactions to all the fruits and vegetables are the farm stand are hilarious!

Oh no!  The watermelons are rolling away!  But Duck and his friends are determined to have their tasty treat!

A king wants watermelon, but the residents of Chestnut Cove find that life is about more than just "things."

Bring some Spanish into your day while reading this sweet story!

We love Mouse.  His sweet innocence during all of summer's first experiences are just pure joy!

Do you have any watermelon stories you'd want to add?  

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